Randy is a local Creative Director, with a focus in photo/video. After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2016. Randy moved to Los Angeles, CA to chase a dream of being behind the camera in Hollywood. During his time in LA, Randy was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge in multiple jobs on a variety of productions. Those projects range from a John Legend music video to a low budget short film. With this gained knowledge, Randy was able to bring a new light to the creative world here in NWA.

When Randy is not behind the camera. You can find him anywhere there is sun and fresh air. Whether it be on a run, playing a round of golf, or just some afternoon on a patio with friends. I also have a 3 year old English bulldog named Harvey, who is not as active.

Any other questions, feel free to reach out!

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Richard Horgan  Graphic Designer/ Web Developer

Richard Horgan

Graphic Designer/ Web Developer

Richard has always been driven by passion. Although he grew up in a small town in Michigan, He immersed myself into the world of skateboarding and art from a young age. The creative ethos of skate culture came to define my style, and shaped my understanding of what it takes to influence and connect to brand identities.  My passion for this creative forward culture drove me to Southern California. It was clear to me that my love of action sports and culture was not going to fade away. He embraced this fact, and pursued a career in the world that had so heavily influenced my worldview. He learned graphic design based around apparel art, and found success on the creative side of the action sports industry. While freelancing, He had the opportunity to gain experience working with popular brands such as Hustler Hollywood, Young & Reckless and Creative Recreation. He also spent a period of time running in-store marketing for the No Fear retail chain here in Southern California. He followed this by taking an operational role as the second hire at BLVD Brands, where the valuable insights and experience in the operations side helped broaden my business understanding. This led me to the role of Director of Apparel Operations for the private label skateboard and apparel brands for The Berrics, including SOVRN, The Friend Ship, and The Skateboard Mag. As director, He was able to sharpen a variety of the business tools he had acquired as I oversaw design, development, and production for each of these separate in-house brands. As my understanding of fostering brand image has developed and evolved, my passion for the product is always unwavering. He has always found success through diverse work experience, He is always driven by unyielding passion for quality product.

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